While Colorado has come a long way in recent years, we still face great challenges. We need elected representatives who will vigorously advocate for our district. We need elected representatives who will challenge the status quo and seek new solutions to changing problems. Through my career and community work, I’ve learned that standing up to special-interest pressure, building coalitions, and advocating for fair solutions is difficult, but necessary to achieve progress.
I’m running to represent Colorado’s Eighth State House District because I believe:
  • All people should have the opportunity to live life free of injustice, poverty, and prejudice.
  • Our legislature should focus on solving the present and future generation’s problems instead of refighting past battles.
  • The path to making Colorado a better place hinges on leaders’ patience, thoughtfulness, and commitment to justice.

In the right hands, lawmaking can change Coloradans’ lives for the better. Together we can build a strong economy, protect our beautiful environment, ensure that everyone has access to quality public education and opportunities, provide access to affordable healthcare, take care of our senior citizens, and ensure that all Coloradans—our minorities, our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, our immigrants, our people with disabilities—are treated with respect and enjoy the full protections of the law.

I would be honored to count on your support as we work together to make our great state a better place for all Coloradans, and hope you can join me today as we move Colorado forward.

Learn more about House District 8

Colorado’s State House District Eight includes Denver’s near-northeast side, in the City Park, Cheesman Park, Congress Park, Hale-Mayfair, Park Hill, parts of Stapleton, Skyland, Cole, Clayton, Whittier, and the historic Five Points neighborhoods.

Per the 2010 Census, the District is 2.5% Asian, 19% Hispanic, 21% Black, 55% White, and includes just over 75,000 people.  District Eight has over 25,000 registered Democrats, the most of any Colorado State House District.

"Achieving social justice means achieving social fairness; government should ensure equality of opportunity, help those in need, and protect basic freedoms. Government can help solve big problems that private interests are not well-incentivized to address, and find collective solutions that make us all better off in the end."



Goldhamer Campaign Kickoff

Spring 2015

Our canvass program kickoff!


Deadline to register as a Democrat if you want to participate in Caucus (if Party chooses to hold Caucus on 2/2/16)


Deadline to register as a Democrat if you want to participate in Caucus (if Party chooses to hold Caucus on 3/1/16)


Possible date of Caucus (Party can choose first Tuesday in Feb. or March), come vote for Aaron and seek to be a delegate to the County Assembly!


Possible date of Caucus (Party can choose first Tuesday in Feb. or March), come vote for Aaron and seek to be a delegate to the County Assembly!

April 2016

Denver County Assembly, come vote for Aaron to ensure he gets on the Primary ballot!


Democratic Primary Election (register up to day-of, ballots mailed in advance to registered Democrats), vote for Aaron for the Democratic Party Nomination!


General Election

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